How to Host a Group Meditation

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Thu Sep 19, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (BST)
The Therapy Training Academy, 16, High Street, Arnold, Nottingham, UK  

There are many benefits to meditating with others. Meditation generates inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level. When you sit with others, it can be powerful to influence one another in a community setting.

Benefits of Meditating in a Group
There is power in numbers and creating intentions. Coming together with a shared intention can have profound impacts on our lives, our communities, and our universe.

“Meditating in a group is very powerful,” says Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker. “The shared intention of the group elevates each individual. When one or more gather with the intention to heal and grow, great shifts can occur. The group’s collective energy has a massive impact on the world.”

Are you unsure about leading a simple group meditation?

This workshop will give you an insight into running a simple group meditation or a meditation prior to therapy. You will learn :

Purpose and benefits of meditation

Posture and breathing

Preparation of A simple guided meditation script

A practice of actually guiding a meditation


Meditation will be carried out on a chair. If you wish to bring along your meditation chair or cushion please do so.

Please wear comfortable clothing , also bring a water bottle and notepad and pen

This workshop is suitable for all

Richard Pietkiewicz

Chief Instructor
The Therapy Training Academy, 16, High Street, Arnold, Nottingham, UK